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Author Topic: Grain mill opinions  (Read 1339 times)

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Re: Grain mill opinions
« Reply #40 on: May 06, 2018, 08:57:10 PM »
Hey Jack,

Thanks for that mate.

I'm 3V'ing... mashing in one of those round powerade coolers with a false bottom. So i am guessing TOO fine will be a bad thing as grain flour and shit will get through my screen... The next setting is .050 and then .075... Should i try the middle one?

Yeah, give the 0.05 a try and do as Bookworm says.  Put a 100gm or so through and see how it comes out.  Whole corns are ok, if when you rub them between your fingers they break apart.  If they haven't been cracked by the mill, then run them through twice.  If still not good, then try the setting below it.  Four isn't the goal.  A little flour is ok, but you want the grains mostly milled into small bits and mostly whole or almost whole husks.  As has been stated, shreded husks equals high chance of stuck sparge.

So your mill has 3 settings only?  0.64mm to 1.27mm to 1.9mm.  Lower one would be good for Rye I guess.  Most credit cards I measured were around the 0.8 to 0.9mm mark, which is probably a bit fine, but it does depend on the mill a bit too.  My mill has no increments and I use a feeler gauge to ensure the gap is correct and even across the length of the mill rollers. 

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Re: Grain mill opinions
« Reply #41 on: May 07, 2018, 08:22:37 AM »
I can adjust anywhere between... from .025 to .1

I'll give it a run today and see how I go.

Cheers for the input
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